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Research Tools for History

Looking for Journal Articles?

The journal literature in history is divided geographically between two major databases: America: History & Life covers journal articles about the United States and Canada, and Historical Abstracts covers journal literature for world history outside the U.S. and Canada, 1450-present.  Don't forget that books are the most important publishing format for historians, so don't stop with journal articles in your research!

There are also databases that specialize in scholarship of a particular geographic region, or an historical time period. Use the tabs above to browse these specialized databases.

The following general databases are also popular choices among historians. These are interdisciplinary search tools, and therefore not limited to history articles.

The following databases index journal articles and other scholarship specific to a geographic region. Select one that best fits your area of study. Keep in mind most of these are interdisciplinary, and thus not limited to the scholarship of historians.

Most databases are organized along disciplinary or geographic lines, but there are a few that focus on a specific time period. Most of these relate to ancient and medieval studies. The Victorian Database is the only exception to the trend in this list.


Getting full-text

Some databases don't include the full-text of articles. When there's no full-text, click on the TU Link button: TU Link. This will search through the library's full-text holdings in other databases and give you a link to the full-text of the article. If there is no online access, there's a link to the library catalog to see if we have the full-text in print.

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