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Scholarly Identity: A Guide

A guide on how to manage, promote, and protect your online scholarly identity as a current or future researcher, academic, or scholar.

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Travelling & Intellectual Property

Prior to going on a trip, especially if international, it's very important to consider the potential risks of bringing your work laptop with you. It's also recommended that individuals review their social media accounts to ensure there aren't any questionable posts or contacts connected to your accounts. That's because, the Department of Homeland Security has social media monitoring programs and policies which permit them to:

  • Ask travelers for their social media identifiers enabling the creation of a registry of their online postings
  • Search through a travelers devices to collect this sort of information
  • Acquire social media data and information through the purchasing of large commercial databases of online information
  • Social media checks extend to travelers’ family, friends, business associates, and social media contacts.(especially if applying for a visa)
  • Retain this information for a long period of time, even longer than is stated in their polices and procedures 

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