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Scholarly Identity: A Guide

A guide on how to manage, promote, and protect your online scholarly identity as a current or future researcher, academic, or scholar.


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Promote on Social Media

Some general suggestions to help you make an impact on popular social media sites (also see Tips and Tricks) and increase your scholarly reach:

  • Make your profile public to increase visibility 
  • Identify yourself as a trusted authority
  • Use #hashtags where appropriate
  • Follow many different profiles, channels, groups, etc
  • Post periodically to keep your profile active and visible
  • Re-share, re-tweet or re-post the comments of others
  • Share positively. Negative posts may discourage others from engaging and sharing your content 
  • Actively engage in discussions with others
  • Do not post all of your updates all at once in "bursts" - use social networking management tools to help disperse postings 
  • Automate updates, postings, and shares using social networking management tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer

Popular Social Media

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