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Scholarly Identity: A Guide

A guide on how to manage, promote, and protect your online scholarly identity as a current or future researcher, academic, or scholar.

Mendeley Features

Mendeley is a joint scholarly networking site, citation management tool, and data repository

  • Connects with ORCID to help you keep your profile current
  • Citation updates help you stay on top of works cited
  • Careers and funding section
  • Doubles as a citation management tool 
  • Join open or private groups dedicated to certain topics. 
  • Receive personalized suggestions for articles to read and people to follow.
  • Share reading lists and collections openly or with certain Mendeley groups
  • "Bookmark" readings to save for later - this can also be used to analyze the non-citation impact of your work
  • Set alerts to make sure you don’t miss any activity in your network or on discussion boards.
  • Data repository available to share archived data. Proceed with caution***
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Mendeley Metrics

Mendeley collects and shares various Metrics for each user:

  • Readers: The total number of times that your publications have been added to a personal library by users of Mendeley. 
  • Views: The total number of times that your publications have been viewed by users of ScienceDirect (Elsevier platform)
  • Publications: The total number of publications you have authored
  • Citations: The total number of citations that all of your publications have received
  • H-index: Your personal h-Index - a metric that measures your productivity and impact using your publications.
  • Media Mentions: Newsflo (product used by Mendeley) tracks over 55,000 English-speaking global media sources and has the technology and network to expand to non-English language media to track article mentions

Most of the metrics are powered by Scopus Database (not available through Tulane) or through the Mendeley platform.



  • Product now owned by mega publisher Elsevier, no longer free
  • Review the Terms of Use to ensure data and research is safe
  • Potential spam
  • Many requests from users to "Read Full Text", only share when copyright permitted
  • Reading list may be crawled

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