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EBIO 2100 - Marine Biology

This guide compliments the curriculum and assignments in EBIO 2100 - Marine Biology

Today's Session

At the end of today's session you will be able to:

  1. Identify and effectively use the Library sources available to you including interlibrary loan (ILL)
  2. Locate and use reliable reference materials (online or in-print) to find information on your species
  3. Identify and locate peer-reviewed scholarly articles in a subject-specific database
  4. Understand the importance of proper citations

This Guide

This guide is designed to assist you with your assignments in EBIO 2100 - Marine Biology.

Use this guide to:

  • Learn the basic information about a species (Background Info and Find Books)
  • Locate a primary, current, peer-reviewed journal articles (Find Articles, Reading a Scholarly Article and Evaluating Sources)
  • Organize and cite your information correctly (Citation Style)

In this class we will look briefly at this guide and some of the resources, but it is recommended that you explore this guide in more depth on your own time. 

Additional useful Howard-Tilton Memorial Library Guides:


Information can be acquired from different types of sources. Often, finding the information is not the challenge, rather it is in determining which pieces of information to include.

Consider the following:

  1. Does the source or information help answer your research question?
  2. Is the source and information reliable, authoritative, and scholarly? 
  3. Is the level suitable for your research?

To help you locate information that satisfies these criteria, it is recommended that you begin by looking at general overviews that allow you to understand key terminology and then using that terminology to locate peer-reviewed journal articles. 

  1. Look up your species in an encyclopedia or reference source (see reliable websites). 
  2. Locate peer-reviewed journal articles.

Google Doc Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you search and identify information on your species. A copy will be shared during class. 

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