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EBIO 2100 - Marine Biology

This guide compliments the curriculum and assignments in EBIO 2100 - Marine Biology


Tip: Look for websites ending in .gov

Tip: Look for websites that end in .edu

Tip: Look for websites ending in .org

When Can I Trust a Website?

Here are some tips to decide if you should use the website in your paper 

Currency: Is there a 'last updated' date or a recent copyright date? Are the articles and reports found on the website somewhat recent? Are the links functional?

               If no: AVOID  this site

Relevancy: Is there information on the website related to your topic? Is it written in a way intended for someone at a University-level (vs. elementary school or experienced medical professional)?

               If no: AVOID this site

Authority: Who is/are the authors of the site? If it is an organization do they have an about page? Is there a way to contact the organization/author? What information can you find about the author organization from a third party source? Do the authors have a PhD, MD, or expert credentials on the topic?

               If no: RECONSIDER using this site

Tip: If the URL ends in .gov then you can be confident that this is a Government website which you can trust

Accuracy: How do you know you can trust the information? Is there a working reference list (links actually go to a reputable source)? Does the website provide citations? Are the authors experts in their field? Is the website free of typos, spelling mistakes and bad grammar? 

               If no: RECONSIDER using this site

Purpose: Why did someone create this site? Are they trying to entertain, sell, motivate, convince, exploit their readers? Is the website full of advertisements, angry commentary, unprofessional writing, and requests for money?

               if yes: AVOID this site

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