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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Research Guide: Finding

This guide is designed to provide Tulane Ecology & Evolutionary Biology students, staff, and faculty with the key research & professional resources available in their field of study

Tulane's Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology


Look for the 'Peer-reviewed' or 'Scholarly Journals' button on a databases search results screen. Editorials, opinions, commentaries, and book reviews will still appear even though they are not peer-reviewed articles. 

Still unsure if your journal is peer-reviewed? Use Ulrich's Periodicals Directory and look for the Referee jacket to confirm!


Connect with Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great tool for completing citations, locating known articles (e.g., from a Reference list or provided by a teacher), and for cited reference searching. 

Finding articles

Ecology and evolutionary biology is an interdisciplinary field of research which will require searching in general EBIO-related databases AND subject-specific databases which focus on your specific area of study (e.g., plants, birds, fish, environment, etc). 

All databases have their strength and weaknesses so never stop at just one!

To locate full-text articles, click the TU Link button next to individual citations. 


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