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About Digital Collections

Digital Collections Criteria

These are the criteria for a prospective digital collection in the Tulane University Digital Library and Tulane Inside and Out:

Digital collection proposals should provide relevance to the Tulane University mission and support the Libraries' mission, vision, and values to offer distinctive digital content that delights, celebrates diverse ideas and experiences, and elevates critical thinking.


The Libraries give preference to prospective digital collections in which the original items that will make up the collection are owned by Tulane University or Tulane University Libraries. Prospective digital collections in which the original owner maintains ownership of the items in the collection will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Collection Elements
Each digital collection is unique. Approval decisions will be influenced upon how its elements, taken together, may contribute to the complexity of the project. Considerations include: 

  • the number of items, 
  • whether or not they need to be digitized,
  • copyright status that may impact usage/permissions, and
  • types and/or formats of items.


Cost considerations may impact approval decisions. Cost factors include labor, equipment requirements, long-term digital file storage, outside funding sources, and more.  


Anticipated Completion Deadline
All collection proposals, once conditionally accepted, must include an anticipated or preferred completion deadline. A charter will spell out any requirements of outside funding and/or rationale for deadline. Ongoing digital work without an impending deadline may be temporarily deprioritized as required by the overall digital production workflow. 

Scholarship at Tulane Criteria

Tulane University Theses & Dissertations Archive

All students who prepare a thesis in partial fulfillment for a graduate degree must submit a digital copy of their approved thesis or dissertation, complete with committee signatures, to the Tulane University Theses & Dissertations Archive, as well as to ProQuest.

Newcomb-Tulane College Senior Honors Theses & Projects

All Newcomb-Tulane College students who complete a Senior Honors Thesis or Senior Honors Project must submit a digital copy of their approved thesis or project, complete with committee signatures, to Newcomb-Tulane College for publication in the Senior Honors Theses & Projects Digital Repository. Failure to submit a digital copy to Newcomb-Tulane College by the official date of certification for degree (as established by the Registrar’s Office) may result in delay of degree conferral.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.