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About Digital Collections

Digital Collections Customization

To go along with Tulane's new design approach, we made additional changes to how thumbnails and collection description boxes are displayed on our website.

The custom css is stored under

Right click on the TU Primo VE site and click on “Inspect”, the file is under Sources. Below are some changes we have made.

1. Set up the min-height and max-width for the collection information box

/* min-height for collection info box */





2. Set a new color for the collection information box URLs

/* color for collection info URLs */

.collection-info a{



3. Set up the max-width for the Collection card text

/* Collection Card Text */

prm-gallery-collection .collection-folder h3{



4. Remove the margin for top background image

/* Background image no margin - top */

prm-collection-gallery-header .collection-header-inner.has-transparent-topbar{



5. Set the color for the top menu

/* Collection Top-menu color */

prm-explore-main .header .transparent-top-bar:before{




6. Hide the sub-collection etc text on the card

/* Hide the Collection text on the cover image */

.item-meta.layout-align-start-center {

display: none!important;


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.