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About Digital Collections

Thumbnail Design

By default, Alma Digital collection thumbnails also display as backgrounds for the collection description at the top of the collection web page. Tulane University Libraries decided on a new approach to thumbnail and background design that takes accessibility and legibility into concern. We’ve also selected a larger image size for collection thumbnails (1980 x 780px) so that images would display clearly at both sizes.


Screenshot of collection thumbnails


screenshot of collection description background


The layout for collection thumbnails uses a solid color block to occupy the left 60% of the thumbnail. A square collection image occupies the right side. The selected collection image should be a minimum size of 780 x 780px for best results. 

The color block addresses accessibility and legibility concerns by providing a clean background for text on both the thumbnail and collection description background. To give each thumbnail a unique identity the color block samples a color directly from the collection image.

When selecting collection images for thumbnails, images with negative space or strong focal points are emphasized.

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