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Social Science Faculty Resources

Greetings from the Tulane University Library


On behalf of the Tulane University Libraries staff, we welcome you to another exciting school year! This guide will connect you with the tools and resources provided by the library to support your teaching, learning, and research. The guide will also introduce you to the policies and procedures related to resources in your discipline. While this guide is simply a landing page for all social science faculty, we encourage you to review the library guides that have been created for your specific department and/or courses. Check out the tab below to learn more about navigating this guide. We look forward to engaging with you and your students this year!


Kay P Maye, Scholarly Engagement Librarian for Social Sciences and Data
Rachel SteinScholarly Engagement Librarian for Social Sciences

Navigating this Library Guide

Each page of this guides provides an overview of the services, tools, and resources provided by the Libraries and other information organizations on campus.

Overview of Pages:

Browsing the Library Website: This page offers a preview of the library's website and its functionality. This is a good starting point for new faculty and those not as familiar with the library.

Requesting Information and Data Literacy Instruction: Do your students need support conducting research for a course assignment? We are here to help! Our librarians are equipped to offer instruction in the following areas:

  • Searching Library Resources, including open access resources
  • Organizing Research Information, including research data
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Variable Definition
  • Resource Selection and Information Bias
  • Research Topic Formation/Refinement
  • Literature Review and Analysis
  • Systematic Reviews

Requesting Materials: Need materials for your teaching, learning, and research? We can provide guidance on resource selection and help deliver those materials in print and online.

Coordinating A Research Consultation: Librarians are here to help you determine best practices for investigating your research area. As professionals who stay current on emerging research methods, we can help you navigate the research landscape.

Publishing Your Research: Enhance your scholarly identify by learning how the library can support you in publishing research. We even offer guidance when navigating open access publishing.

Suggesting Purchases & Recent Purchases: Are you unable to find what you need in our catalog and through Inter-library loan? You can request materials for purchase! The appropriate subject librarian will be in touch about your purchase request.

Requesting & Accessing Library Guides: Library Guides (like this one) help librarians provide information to the Tulane community about the library's resources, services, and programming. If you would like to have a guide created for a course or subject area, let us know!

Locating Data for Teaching, Learning, & Research: Need help finding data? Look no further! This page offers a listing of popular data sources.

Other Libraries and Information Groups on Campus: Howard-Tilton is not the only library on campus! Check out this page feature our other locations and related information groups.

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