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Digital Storytelling with Tulane Online Exhibits

A guide to creating a digital exhibit in Tulane Online Exhibits on the WordPress platform.


A digital exhibit uses presentation and display of digital resources (images, sound, video) to tell a story. Throughout the creation process, ask yourself:

  • Does my exhibit clearly and succinctly tell a story? (in 10-20 minutes)
  • Does it matter? 
  • Is it interesting? 
  • Who is/are my target audience(s)?

Exhibit Template

Research, outline, and draft your exhibit outside of the Tulane Online Exhibits platform. Be prepared to use pencil and paper, a simple text editor, and/or a Word/Google document for the majority of the intellectual work of planning, writing, and editing your exhibit. 

Main Exhibit Page 

  • Exhibit Title
  • Featured Image (thumbnail)
  • Header Image
  • Exhibit Description (curatorial statement)
  • Context
  • Credit and Acknowledgements

Section (Sub-Page)

  • Title
  • Description
  • Image 1 (or Digital Resource)
    • Caption
    • Metadata
  • Image 2 (or Digital Resource)
    • Caption
    • Metadata
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