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Create an Online Exhibit

A guide to creating a digital exhibit in Tulane Online Exhibits using the WordPress platform.

KnightLab Digital Storytelling Tools

The KnightLab at Northwestern University offers digital storytelling tools that work within Tulane Online Exhibits. On any subpage of your exhibit, you can embed one project that you have created using one of the following tools:  

  1. Juxtapose - Easy-to-make frame comparisons.
  2. Scene - Easy-to-make VR stories.
  3. Soundcite - Seamless inline audio.
  4. Storyline - Tell the story behind the numbers.
  5. StoryMap - Maps that tell stories.
  6. Timeline - Easy-to-make, beautiful timelines.

Click on the Knightlab tool of your choice. Explore the best ways to use the tool and feature it within your exhibit. Create a project. When your project is ready, simply copy the URL of your project and paste it into the "Knight Timeline" space at the bottom of a sub-page form. Update the sub-page and then click on "Preview Changes" to see how the project displays as embedded on your exhibit. 

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