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Digital Storytelling with Tulane University Online Exhibits

A guide to creating a digital exhibit in Tulane Online Exhibits on the WordPress platform.

Sub-page Options

The main page must be published in order to preview sub-pages (exhibit sections) (regardless of 'Visibility' status).

To create an exhibit sub-page, click 'Add New' button under Exhibits in the left sidebar.

In the 'Page Attributes' box go to the 'Parent' drop down menu and select the title of your exhibit. Select 'exhibit sub-page' under the 'Template' drop down menu. This should add a box titled 'gallery' to add images and other forms of media to your sub-exhibit.

Enter the title of sub-exhibit in 'title' field. Enter any text or description for sub-exhibit in 'section description' text box below 'title' field.

Customize URL for sub-page by inputting preferred slug in 'Slug' field at bottom of the page. By default, the exhibit sub-pages use the title of the sub-page as the slug. This can create very long URLs. Please create a shortened slug.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.