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Digital Storytelling with Tulane Online Exhibits

A guide to creating a digital exhibit in Tulane Online Exhibits on the WordPress platform.

Main Page Options

In the Add New exhibit page, enter the title of your exhibit in the 'Add title' field. Enter any text or description for the exhibit in the text box below.

You can customize the URL by inputting a preferred slug in 'Slug' field at the bottom of the page. Please choose a short slug, as the default will be the full Title of the Exhibit. Example:

  1. Title of Exhibit: Treasures of Tulane
  2. Slug: treasures
  3. The URL for the exhibit main page will now be:

If the 'Slug' field is not showing up at the bottom of the page click 'Screen Options' on top right of site (below username banner) and a drop-down menu will appear. Check the 'Slug' box and it should appear at the bottom of the page. You can also add the Slug directly under the Title field after you enter a title.


In the 'Page Attributes' box, use the following settings:

  1. Parent: (no parent)
  2. Template: exhibit parent

In the 'Featured Image' box select Set featured image. The featured image will be displayed as a large icon to identify the new exhibit on the Online Exhibit homepage and Browse Exhibits page.

  1. A 'Featured Image' media gallery module should appear. Drag and Drop your selected file into media gallery field or press the 'Select Files' button to upload a file.
  2. Once an image is uploaded, click 'Set featured image' button on bottom right corner of module window. Selected image should now appear in the 'Featured Image' box.

In the 'Publish' box click 'Save Draft'. Repeat this step after making any changes.

  • To view a preview of the homepage for your exhibit, click the 'Preview' button in the top right corner of box.
  • When ready to publish, click the blue 'Publish' button. If you would like this page to be private (only you, the creator, can view it), click the 'Edit' link next to 'Visibility' and choose preferred setting.
Creative Commons License
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