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This library guide supports Tulane LabArchives Electronic Research Notebook, Inventory, & Scheduler users. Learn about these products, including how to gain access, explore tutorials, and get support through Tulane University Libraries and LabArchives.


1. How much data storage space do I get for the Electronic Research Notebook?

Each LabArchives Electronic Research Notebook account has unlimited storage. The size limit for individual file upload is 150 GB.


2. Do LabArchives products work differently on a Mac or PC?

LabArchives products are cloud-based so there is no difference in functionality on a Mac or PC. LabArchives recommends using the latest vendor-supported versions of the following browsers: 

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox 
  • Safari 
  • Microsoft Edge 

It is also recommended that you allow automatic updates to your browser to ensure you have the latest security updates. 

Please note LabArchives does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer.


3. Where does my data live and how do I know it’s safe?

LabArchives servers are kept in a secure, primary data center with a separate disaster recovery data center installation. Customer data is continuously synced between the primary and disaster recovery data centers with regular backups of customer data kept in multiple locations using multiple backup technologies. LabArchives servers are completely isolated from other machines, servers, email systems, etc.. Primary and secondary data centers provide redundancies for power, HVAC and network connectivity.

From LabArchives Security: 


4. Does the ERN offer electronic signatures?

Yes, LabArchives ERN is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and once signed, those pages can no longer be edited.


5. Can I use LabArchives with my non-Tulane collaborators? 

Yes.  Non-Tulane collaborators must create a LabArchives account. Once they have an account, they can be granted access as needed. 


6. Can I assign temporary access to lab or team members (e.g. undergraduates) for only a semester?

Yes, any lab or team member may be provided access and that access can be modified at any time. 


7. Can undergraduates in my class use the LabArchive ERN?

Yes, undergraduates can use the LabArchives ERN in your class. Contact for more information.  


8. I already use a different ERN, can I merge it with LabArchives ERN?

Please see recommendations from LabArchives:


9. Can i take my notebook(s) if I leave Tulane?

You are able to create a PDF file and/or offline HTML version of your notebook at any time, including if you should leave Tulane. In addition, Tulane will retain a copy in accordance with policies outlined in section 6.01 Ownership Rights in the Tulane Faculty Handbook. For more information on how to download your notebook to a PDF file or create an offline notebook please see the LabArchives Knowledgebase.



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