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What is LabArchives?

LabArchives is a secure, cloud-based electronic lab notebook (ELN) designed for research. This ELN system enables researchers to capture, manage, store, and share information and data. LabArchives facilitates collaboration amongst researchers within a lab, institution, and with external stakeholders. 

Key features:

  • Upload and store files – including text, tables, images, spreadsheets, and attachments – in their original format 
  • Create standard notebook templates for your research group 
  • Store data securely on LabArchives servers: multiple redundancy ensures 24/7 data availability 
  • Share information seamlessly within your lab and invite collaborators from outside of Tulane to join your notebook
  • Maintain all revisions of notebook entries
  • Provide compatibility across multiple platforms, including mobile devices
  • Access and connect seamlessly to lab teams 
  • Navigate data easily and quickly with simple search functions 

Made possible through the support of Tulane University Office of Research. 


Infographic describing the functionality of LabArchives.

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