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HISL 2910: Latin American History in Cinema


  • Learn how to find quality academic resources for your research papers, including books, scholarly articles, and primary sources
  • Become more familiar with Tulane's library catalog, specialized Latin American studies resources, and other useful databases for academic research
  • Think critically about the differences between the variety of academic resources at your disposal and their comparative advantages and uses
  • Research and learn something new about histories of Black power and resistance in Latin America & the Caribbean that connect to the histories of the United States and New Orleans

Group topics

Key topics in Black resistance in Latin America & the Caribbean:

  • Group 1: Slave rebellions
  • Group 2: Maroon communities
  • Group 3: The Haitian Revolution
  • Group 4: Candomblé, Vodou, and Santería


  • Each group will search for sources on their topic and add findings to the group Zotero folder
  • Communicate to each other about what you're finding so that you don't duplicate sources 
  • If you aren't set up with Zotero, chat your findings to the group so that someone with Zotero can add them in
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