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News and Newspapers: A Guide: Print & Microform

Resources of current and historical news and newspapers

Microforms & Newspapers Department

The Microforms & Newspapers Department features microfilm/microfiche printers and scanners, microfilm readers and a microfiche reader. Patrons can read and print microforms, scan documents to a CD-ROM or flash drive, and send files to an email account.

  • Hours (Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, 6th Floor)

Newspapers & Periodicals in Print

Current print newspapers are shelved in alphabetical order in the Microforms & Newspapers Department on the sixth floor of Howard-Tilton.

Tulane Hullabaloo

Tulane's beloved news source has changed names over the years. Read about campus happenings and issues in our historical collections on microfilm in Howard-Tilton, or page through the paper editions of that last two decades in the comfort of the Schiro Reading Room on the 2nd floor of Jones Hall.

Newspapers on Microfilm

Microforms available include a large collection of Louisiana newspapers dating from the early 19th century; Tulane University newspapers from 1894; FBIS Reports arranged by region; over 4000 restored Latin American Library microfilms and British Parliamentary papers. Also available in microforms are domestic and foreign newspapers, including:

  • New York Times
  • Times Picayune
  • London Times
  • Le Monde
  • Wall Street Journal
  • El Pais