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Social Science & Humanities Research Poster Design

This guide was designed to assist social science and humanities students creating research posters. Feel free to contact with any questions or suggestions.


Welcome to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Poster Design library guide! This guide will introduce you to the content, formatting, and presention best practices needed to make an effective and engaging research poster. You will also be able to view sample posters to help guide your design. 

What are research posters?

Research posters are used to quickly, yet efficiently summarize your research project. Like research papers, research posters outline your project's background, methods, findings, results (typically in graphical form), discussionreferences, and acknowledgements. You can consider your research poster to be a condensed version of your research paper. Posters help others understand the highlights of your research. Research posters should be understandable to those with basic and advanced knowledge of your research topic. Always consider your audience when determining what to present and how to present. Research posters are useful for those entering the academic conversation and those wishing to create a portable medium for their research.


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