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Social Science & Humanities Research Poster Design

This guide was designed to assist social science and humanities students creating research posters. Feel free to contact with any questions or suggestions.

Before Your Presentation

  • Prepare a 30 second and a 60 second speech about your research poster. Considering how quickly observers interact with research posters, it is best have something prepared.
  • Memorize your poster structure. This can help you quickly point out notable sections or sections of inquiry.
  • Find information on the size of the presentation room and your poster location.
  • Determine accessibility practices that can be taken to promote equity when presenting.
  • Make sure that your poster is the right size and orientation for the session.
  • Have a trusted friend, mentor, and/or peer proofread your poster.
  • Become familiar with the theme of the conference in case it impacts your presentation.
  • Prepare business cards or another form of contact information.
  • Acquire a notebook for the session (observer comments and considerations).
  • Acquire push-pins to bring to the session.
  • Review your poster to be sure that there are a limited number of acronyms.
  • Practice speaking to someone with knowledge of your subject.

During Your Presentation

  • Make eye contact when speaking to observers.
  • Speak to small groups to avoid repeating yourself throughout the session. 
  • Speak slowly and with a clear tone.
  • Don't chew gum.
  • Know your subject material.
  • Highlight your findings and discussion as this may inspire your observers to conduct                         research in your area.
  • Try to explain your research in the simplest terms.
  • Take notes on recommendations from observers.
  • Connect your research to popular research in the field.
  • Handout business cards or any other contact information.
  • Bring a bottle of water.
  • Create small handouts that explain your research or point to the location of your research in an online space.

After Your Presentation

  • Follow-up with any contacts made at the poster session.
  • Discuss your experience with your research advisor.
  • Discuss preserving your research poster with a librarian at your institution. There may be ways to save your work for future use and viewing.
  • Determine what to do with your physical poster. Remember, you may continue your research in the future.
  • Share your work in your professional group, including on social media
  • Discuss your research and poster experience with aspiring researchers

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