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Statistics & Data for the Social Sciences

Guide to locating data sets commonly used by social scientists and other researchers on a wide range of topics.

Use the links on this page to find global data, and data about individual countries.

  • The best sources for data about a specific country are often the website of that country's national office for statistics.  Use one of the directories below to locate the appropriate site for your desired country.
  • The best sources for data that is comparative or on an international scale are often the United Nations or one of its affiliated agencies. The websites and databases in the right column of this page link to these resources.

Directories of National Statistical Agencies

These sites contain links to the national statistical agencies and offices of countries around the world. For data specific to a single country, locate that nation's official statistics agency from one of these directories.

Statistics & Data from International Organizations

Commercial Databases

These subscription databases include statistics and data from the international organizations and include some coverage of non-US topics.

International Polling Data

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