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Mesmerism - The Franco-Louisiana Connection: A Guide: In New Orleans

Société du Magnétisme de la Nouvelle-Orléans

Selected articles: The Daily Picayune (1840-1865)

Electro-Biology, on which lectures are nightily delivered at Armory Hall, by Theophilus Fiske.

Electro-biology - This new science invented by Mr. Theophilus Fiske, of Philadelphia, appears to cast in the shade all the wonders of mesmerism and to supersede in many cases the employment of ether and chloroform for deadening sensibility. We have seen a certificate from a respectable practitioner in this city, wherein he states that he extracted three roots and a caried tooth from a lady, after the latter had been operated on by a pupil of Mr. Fiske's for the purpose of paralyzing the gum.  The lady barely felt the operation, and was sensible to no pain at all.  Such, it seems, are some of the well authenticated experiments of Electro-Biology, on which lectures are nightily delivered at Armory Hall, by Theophilus Fiske.

Revolution, romanticism, and the Afro-Creole protest tradition in Louisiana, 1718-1868

Chapter 6. Spiritualism's Dissident Visionaries

Page 198 ... mesmerist society in New Orleans, the Société du Magnétisme de la

Page 199 ... leading proponents in France and editor of the Journal du magnetisme. In relationship between God and the believer, ...

Page 200 ... In 1853, du Potet published Robert Owen's mesmerist experiences in the Journal du magnetisme and offered an account of his changeover. ...

Page 319... ... 31, 2oo Jim Crow laws, 281-82 Johnson, Andrew, 255, 263 Joubert, Blanc F., 227, 268 Journal du magnetisme, 199-201 Juen, Andres, 76 Kansas-Nebraska Act, ...

Page 324 ... ... 124-26, i33 La Societe des Artisans, 90, 94 Societ£ du Magnetisme de la Nouvelle- Orleans, 198, 2oo Societe Frangaise pour 1'Abolition de 1'Esclavage, ...

Historic New Orleans Newspapers

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