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History of Medicine and Public Health: A Guide: Yellow Fever

This Matas Subject Guide focuses on historical resources for medicine and public health. The focus of Matas Library collection is the history of medicine and public health in New Orleans and Louisiana.

Tulane: The Havana Yellow Fever Commission (1879) & Camp Lazear, Cuba (1900)

Yellow Fever CommissionYellow Fever Commisision of National Board of Health, sent to Havana, Cuba (1879).  

Seated from left to right: Mr. Hardee, an engineer, H.C. Hall, U.S. consul to Havana, Dr. Stanford E. Chaillé, chairman of the Commission, Dr. D. M. Burgess, sanitary and quarantine inspector.  Standing, from left to right: Mr. Henry Mancel, photographer, Mr. Rudolph matas, clerk, Dr. George Sternberg, secretary, and Dr. J. Guiteras.

Image included on p. 145 of Rudolph Matas: a biography of one of the great pioneers in surgery, by Isidore Cohn, 1960.

Yellow Fever in French New Orleans

Tomlinson, W. K. & Perret, J.J. “Jean-Charles Faget and the yellow fever controversy in New Orleans,”  Proceedings of the International Congress for the History of Medicine (25th, Quebec, 1976), pages 1361-1373.


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