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Tulane University Libraries Web Site Guide

Web Site Content Providers Group

Tulane University Library web pages are created and regularly updated for currency by members of a Content Providers Group.  The members each have web page assignments describing aspects of the libraries and their resources, services, and operations. 

The Content Providers Group meets together as a body in meetings, typically monthly, convened by the library's principal web developer in the Library IT department. 

Group Roster

The group's roster presently lists: Bennett, Marla L ; Gibeault, Michelle J ; Battle, Hayden C ; Chomintra, Melissa ; Cook, Donna Capelle ; Corrigan, Andrew C ; Cuellar, Jillian ; Czeblakow, Agnieszka ; DelRosario, Anthony A ; Hooper, Lisa K ; Horlick, Raquel P ; Kearney, Courtney ; Knowlton, Sean P ; Mackendrick, Dorothy ; Morlas, Amanda E ; Pickett, Keith M ; Planck, James R ; Prendergast, Neville D ; Stein, Rachel ; Vince, Pat R ; Brunner, Heather A ; Jones, Michael A. 


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