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Rare Books Collection Policy


A book’s format generally refers to its physical shape and dimensions.  Bookseller catalogs and others listings can use a variety of terms and abbreviations to describe book sizes (8vo, 12mo, folio, quarto, etc.).  A folio is a large upright-shaped book, an octavo is a small upright-shaped book, while a quarto is in-between the two and mostly square-shaped.  The term codex is often used for historical ancestors of the modern book, with pages composed of vellum, papyrus, or other materials.  All formats are considered; the key factor being whether the work as a whole is of value to Tulane University. 

For examples, aside from common books or monographs, the Rare Books collection also contains a Judaica scroll for celebrating Purim, and an Islamic certificate of the completed Hajj. 

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