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Library Collections Space Initiative

Portico Overview

Portico is a community-supported “dark archive” for e-journal, e-book, and digitized collections and other forms of electronic scholarly content. Scholarly publishers as well as academic and related libraries support the Portico archive. Portico has been certified by the Center for Research Libraries as a Trustworthy Digital Repository. To achieve this certification, Portico underwent a rigorous review process that confirmed that its practices conform to the standards set by the preservation community.

A dark archive is a long-term failsafe solution to ensure that online published content can never become permanently unavailable. In the case of Portico, this means that Portico is invested in the long-term management and care of publisher supplied content, not near-term access to that content. Content in a dark archive is never made available for use unless the established criteria for access are met.

Tulane's Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is a member of the Portico community, along with 957 other libraries and 344 publishers of scholarly journals.

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