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Tulane University Special Collections - Guide to Architectural Holdings

A guide to architectural holdings of the Tulane University Special Collections (TUSC)

How to Locate Buildings Designed for or by African-Americans

Prince Hall Grand Lodge for Free and Accepted Masons of Louisiana. G.J. Riehl, architect; D.G. Graves, associate

architect. G.J. Riehl, delineator. Ink and ink wash on board. 1962.


TUSC's Southeastern Architectural Archive includes collections with buildings designed for African-Americans:

Benson and Riehl Office Records. Collection SEAA-044.

Project Drawings:

  • Folder 27Orleans Avenue, 1600-1614.  Mason's Prince Hall Grand Lodge, New Orleans, LA.  1960-1963. Job No. 108. 37 sheets.

  • Box 3. Presentation Drawing. Orleans Avenue, 1600-1614, New Orleans, LA. Mason’s Prince Hall Grand Lodge. 1962. One watercolor perspective rendering on board.

William T. Nolan Office Records. Collection SEAA-052.

Project Drawings:

  • Folder 4Plaquemine, LA. African-American School Buildings. 1940-1941. 15 sheets.

  • Folder 10Ocean Springs, MS. African-American School Building. Undated. 7 sheets.

  • Folder 25. Plaquemine, LA. African-American School Building. 1932. Job No. 504. 1 sheet.

  • Folder 33Lafayette, LA. African-American School Building. 1924-1925. 3 sheets.

  • Folder 33. Lafayette, LA. African-American High School Building and Gymnasium. 1929-1930. Job No. 459. 22 sheets.

  • Folder 39Terrebonne Parish, LA. Standard African-American School Building. 1937. 7 sheets.

  • Folder 39. Dorseyville, LA. African-American School Building. 1936. 2 sheets.

  • Folder 41Red River Parish, LA. Rosenwald School for African-Americans. Building. 1938. 10 sheets.

  • Folder 43Coushatta, LA. African-American Training School. Building. 1938-1939. 9 sheets.

  • Folder 43. Iberville Parish, LA. Manual Training School for African-Americans. Building.  1937.  2 sheets.

  • Folder 43. Iberville Parish, LA. African-American School Building. 1939. 1 sheet.

  • Folder 43. Crescent, LA. African-American School Building, alterations. Undated. 2 sheets.

  • Folder 44Pass Christian, MS. African-American Grammar School Building. Undated. 2 sheets.

  • Folder 44. Jeanerette, LA. African-American School Building. 1931. Job No. 502. 4 sheets.

  • Folder 44. Jeanerette, LA. African-American School Building, alterations. 1946. 1 sheet.

  • Folder 70Weeks Island, LA. African-American School Building. 1946-1947. Job No. 913. 35 sheets.

  • Folder 80Baton Rouge, LA. African-American School Building. Undated. 7 sheets.

  • Folder 80. White Castle, LA. African-American School Building. Undated. 1 sheet.

  • Folder 96African-American Trade School. Building, New Orleans, LA. 1955. Andry and Feitel; Nolan, Norman, Nolan, architects. 1955. 25 sheets.

Weiss, Dreyfous, and Seiferth Office Records. Collection SEAA-053.

Project Drawings:

  • Folder 11Green, S.W. Residence, South Miro Street, 219. 1928. Plan No. 703. 6 sheets. *Designed for the New Orleans businessman and political leader Smith Wendell Green, the house was relocated to Banks Street to make way for the new Veteran’s Administration Hospital project after Hurricane Katrina in 2011.

Sam Stone, Jr. Office Records. Collection SEAA-085.

Project Drawings:

  • Folder 33Slidell, LA. African-American School. Building. 1938-1939. 10 sheets.

Martin Shepard Office Records. Collection SEAA-109.

Project Drawings:

  • Folder 22Pascagoula, MS. African-American School, building, alterations. 1923. Shaw and Woleben, architects. 2 sheets.

Curtis and Davis Project Photographs. Collection SEAA-175.

Project Photographs:

  • Box 4, Folder 115. Lafon Elementary, Carver Jr. and High School, and others. 31 prints.

August Perez and Associates Office Records. Collection SEAA-189.

Project Drawings:

  • Box 6Killone, LA. African-American Grammar School, alterations and additions. 1951. August Perez and Associates, architects. 1 sheet.

  • Box 12Unidentified location. African-American College, Southwest Louisiana. Undated. August Perez and Associates, architects. 22 sheets.

The following collection in TUSC's Southeastern Architectural Archive includes work done by the mid-20th Century African-American architect, Paul Revere Williams:

Moise H. Goldstein Office Records. Collection SEAA-004.

Project Drawings:

  • Folder 15Dillard University, chapel. New Orleans, LA. Undated. Two schemes, one labeled as suggested by African-American architect, Paul Revere Williams (1894-1980). Pencil and colored pencil on tracing paper. Other sheet architect is unidentified. Photostat copy. 2 sheets.


Additionally, the Amistad Research Center has the papers of the New Orleans African-American architect Ferdinand Rousseve (1914-1979).



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