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Latin American Library Research Basics

A self-guided learning tool for building research skills in Latin American, Caribbean, Latinx, and Iberian Studies at Tulane University.

4.1. Learning Goals: Find LAL Archives, Newspapers, and Other Physical Materials

In this module, you will:

  • learn how to discover and access physical materials besides books in the LAL collections, such as newspapers, microforms, pamphlets, manuscripts, photographs, and more.

4.2. How to Search the LAL Collections

Watch this video and/or visit the page How to Search the LAL Collections to learn about the variety of discovery tools you can use to find physical books, archival materials, newspapers, microforms, maps, and more at The Latin American Library.


  1. Search for a physical item in the LAL collections that is not a book that might be relevant to your research project. This could be a manuscript, ephemera, or image collection or item; newspaper; map; or microform.

  2. Consult the item and reflect on how you could incorporate it into your research project.

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