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Latin American Library Research Basics

A self-guided learning tool for building research skills in Latin American, Caribbean, Latinx, and Iberian Studies at Tulane University.

How to Share LAL Research Basics with Students

In addition to sharing the URL of Latin American Library Research Basics with students (, here are other access points you may want to use:


1. The Library Guide embedded in your Canvas page.

You'll find the TUTORIALS section highlighted below on all LAL Library Guides:


2. The LAL website

This and other tutorials are linked on the LAL Website's Tutorials page (

Ways to Use This Resource

Faculty and instructors may choose to use this resource in a variety of ways!

Here are some suggested ideas:

  • Assign modules and/or select box sections as homework + adapt the suggested follow-up activities into Canvas assignments
  • Use class time to have students go through the resource and do select follow-up activities (but make sure they have headphones to listen to videos)
  • Request to book the Latin American Library seminar room to bring students to the library, go through this resource, and have them find books in the stacks. Email to request to book the seminar room. 
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.