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Publish an Open Access Journal

Your guide to creating, managing, and publishing a scholarly open access journal with Tulane University Journal Publishing.

Workflow Settings

Workflow Settings allow you to configure various parts of the journal’s editorial workflow. The workflow setting has four main tabs: Submission, Review, Publisher Library, and Emails.


Determines what information authors provide or agree to when they make a submission.


Set all of your review policies and procedures, including deadlines, notifications, reviewer guidelines, and more.

Publisher Library

Provides a file repository for storing and quickly sharing common files, such as writing guidelines, author contracts and release forms, and marketing materials.


OJS sends a number of emails during various stages of the editorial workflow as well as other actions such as registration and submission acknowledgement. The settings in this section allow you to edit the signature attached to each email as well as change the default messages sent for each type of email.

Creative Commons License
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