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Publish an Open Access Journal

Your guide to creating, managing, and publishing a scholarly open access journal with Tulane University Journal Publishing.

Create Issue

When you are ready to publish the article, you have to create an issue to publish it in first. Then you will schedule articles for publication in the issue. The articles will not be published until you publish the issue as a whole. From the left-hand menu, select Issues to manage all of the issues for your journal.



You will see tabs for Future Issues and Back Issues.

  • Future Issues are all of your unpublished issues. You can create as many of these as you wish, and schedule submissions to any of them.
  • Back Issues lists all of your published issues.

To create a new issue, use the Create Issue link and fill in the form.



You will be able to add volume, number, year, and title information (e.g., Special Issue #1), as well as a description, cover image, and custom URL.

  • After creating an issue you can Edit and Preview what the issue will look like on your website. 
  • Once you are happy with the issue hit the Publish Issue link to publish it on your journal website. 
  • Use the Unpublish Issue link to remove the issue and all of its content from public view. The issue will revert to the Future Issues tab. 
  • You can use the Delete link to remove the issue entirely. Not only will the issue be unpublished, the organizational structure and any issue metadata will also be removed. Any assigned articles will revert to their unpublished status.


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