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Publish an Open Access Journal

Your guide to creating, managing, and publishing a scholarly open access journal with Tulane University Journal Publishing.

Signing Up as a Reviewer

Reviewers play a vital role in ensuring the quality of scholarly publishing.

When you register as a user with the website, you may be asked to sign up for the reviewer role. If this has been enabled, you can add the reviewer role at any time, even if you've already registered, by going to the User Profile page in the dashboard.

You'll also be asked to specify your reviewer interests, so that editors can make better choices when selecting reviewers for a submission.

Completing a Review

As a reviewer, you will learn of the review request via email or by checking your dashboard.

From the My Assigned list, find the title and Review link.


Selecting the Review link will take you to the 4-step review process. Follow along with the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

An editor will take a look at it and may send you an acknowledgment by email once they've done so.

A record of your reviews is kept in the system, so editors can see -- and appreciate -- how many reviews you've done for the journal at all times.

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