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Company Information

Resources for locating company information.

Business Databases

All Tulane library resources are licensed for academic purposes only. Using these resources for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.  Off-campus access is available only to current Tulane students, faculty, and staff.  Tulane Library users are responsible for compliance with this policy. The complete policy on resource use is available here: Proper Use of Turchin Library's Licensed Databases.

Getting started

Company research typically involves a combination of quantitative and qualitative information - the numbers and the narrative. Take time to consider what you might reasonably be able to learn about a company. Is it in the company's interest to reveal the information you are seeking? What disclosures are required? Is this information a company would want its competitors to know?

The resources on this guide can help you to put together a picture of your company from a variety of angles and perspectives.

To start any company research project, it is necessary to know whether the company is public, private, international, not-for-profit, or a subsidiary of a larger corporation. The amount of available information and the sources of information vary depending on the company type. 

Company information available through this guide

Analyst reports - also known as research reports, these are written by analysts at investment banks who follow companies in specific industries. Reports can include details on products, services, financial performance, strategy, and industry- specific details.

Company lists and directories - generate lists of companies by industry and geographical location, among other variables.

Company news - articles can provide current information to update company reports

Conference call transcripts- sources for written and audio transcripts of earnings calls, addresses to shareholders, and conference presentations

Financials - sources for financial statements (income statement, balance sheet,...) earnings, ratios, market share, retail sales per square foot

Profiles and histories - when available, profiles include a business description, industry classifications, competitors, products & services, officers, number of employees, sales, and company history.

SEC filings and reports - public company filings to the Securities and Exchange Commissions, plus annual reports to shareholders

Stock prices - current and historical stock returns

Suppliers - company major suppliers; sources to connect buyers and suppliers

Business dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks

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