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MGMT 7170 Healthcare Policy and Reform-Spring 2021


Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and other Resources

Advanced dictionary of marketing : putting theory to use / Scott G. Dacko. (Ebook through EBSCO)

Blackwell encyclopedic dictionary of marketing / edited by Barbara R. Lewis and Dale Littler. (Ebook through EBSCO)

Dictionary of marketing terms / by Jane Imber, Betsy-Ann Toffler. (Ebook through EBSCO)

Fundamentals of Business Marketing Research / Reid, David A. ; Plank, Richard E.  (Ebook through EBSCO)

Handbook of Online Marketing Research / Grossnickle, Joshua ; Raskin, Oliver. (Ebook through EBSCO)

Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing / Belk, Russell W. (Ebook through EBSCO)

International dictionary of marketing : over 2000 professional terms & techniques / Daniel Yadin. (Ebook through EBSCO)

Marketing Dictionary

Questionaire Design:  How to Plan, Structure and Write Survey Material for Effective Market Research, 2nd ed. /
Ian Brace. (Ebook through EBSCO)

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