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Data Management

This guide aims to help Tulane faculty, staff, and students manage, store, and share their research data.

Backup and Storage

Data backup is an essential component of data preservation. 

Backup tips: 

Use the 3-2-1 rule when backing up your data.

  • Keep a minimum of three copies of your data and files
  • Place at least two copies of different storage media (e.g. external harddrive, local drive
  • Place at least one copy in a different geographical location (e.g. cloud)

​For more detailed best practices, consult Tulane IT and DataOne

Tulane backup options:

Unlimited storage is available for faculty, staff and students through Box and 1 TB through OneDrive.

Upon graduation students will lose access to their TU Box, OneDrive, and Zoom cloud storage (recordings) accounts. If leaving Tulane, it is recommended you back up files using an external hard drive and/or creating a free personal account with Box, Dropbox or OneDrive. Below is a breakdown of free storage for each:

  • Box 10 GB free cloud storage
  • Dropbox 2 GB free cloud storage
  • OneDrive 5 GB free cloud storage

Tulane IT provides additional Box options for Tulane non-faculty or staff

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