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Scholarly Impact Research Guide (Matas)

This guide provides information and instruction on the different types of metrics used to evaluate and locate metrics on scholarly impact.

Book and Book Chapter Impact

Impact metrics are traditionally easier to assess for authors, journals, and individual articles in STEM fields. In fields that publish primarily in book chapters or in books, metrics may be harder to determine, and it is advisable to collect a wide range of numbers to better show your impact:

  • How many Libraries have your book (use Worldcat)
  • Has it been listed as a Best Seller or Recommended Reading? 
  • Is the book being used as a text book? 
  • Has it been reviewed on Amazon or goodreads or Google books? 
  • Are there translations or other editions of your book?
  • Have you been invited to hold book signing or other public engagements on your book?
  • Has it won any awards or prizes? 

Finding Book & Book Chapters Impact

Using Google Scholar

1- Go to Google Scholar and enter the name of the Book, Book Chapter, and Author. 

2- Look for the entry labelled [BOOK]

3- Look for "Cited By", below the entry



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