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Provides secondary sources for marketing and advertising research.

Article Databases

Tulane's Electronic Journals

How do I search Tulane University E-Journals
A researcher will find a reference/citation to a news, magazine, or journal article that fits their research needs either through Google Scholar, a database or listed in a bibliography at the end of another article or book chapter. The next step is to try to locate the full-text by clicking on the graphic/image below.

Tulane University Libraries - E-Journals

Tulane University E-Journals allows the researcher to type in the title of the newspaper, magazine, or journal and directs you to a list of databases the library subscribes to which may provide the full-text of the article they need.

Access more than 400 specific 'Marketing and Sales' E-Journal titles subscribed to by Tulane University.  After clicking on the E-Journals link, click on the 'Category' tab.  Next, click on the topic area 'Business, Economy and Management' and then 'Marketing & Sales'. 

For further information: Guide to Tulane's EJournals.

TU Links

Some databases don't include the full-text of articles. When there's no full-text, click on the TU Link button. This will search through the library's full-text holdings in other databases and give you a link to the full-text of the article. If there is no online access, there's a link to the library catalog to see if we have the full-text in print.

TU Link Tutorial
Short tutorial about how to get full-text with TU Link.

Google Scholar

Researching your topic through Google Scholar allows you to utilize features of Google search technology with which you are already familiar to locate scholarly articles and other scholarly research materials. You will be able to conduct one search versus going to many separate databases—you can link search results to Tulane’s electronic journals—and you can also download citations in a bibliography manager such as RefWorks. One-stop researching!

See the guide to searching Google Scholar for further information.

Google Scholar Search

Can't find the full-text of an article or book chapter at Tulane University?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If Tulane University doesn't have access to the article or a book chapter you need, you may be able to get it through Interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary LoanInterlibrary Loan Services are generously provided by the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.

Information: --> Borrowing --> Borrowing from other libraries

Pickup and return materials to the 1st Floor of the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library at the Circulation Desk during the hours the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library Circulation Desk is open.

Interlibrary Loan:

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library Circulation Desk: (504) 865-5689


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