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Creative Technology Lending Collection

This guide details what equipment is available through the Creative Technology Lending Collection and provides additional resources to support the creative work of student and faculty.

Library Workshops

Tulane University Libraries offers an expansive selection of workshops covering all aspects of scholarly endeavors. Visit the Workshops page to view all workshop offerings.

At this time there are no more pre-scheduled workshops for the current academic year related to the equipment in the Creative Technology Lending Collection. Titles and brief descriptions of workshops that have already been offered are listed below.

Also check out the audio series "Introduction to Podcasting: A series of short audio tutorials for those just getting started." Pick and choose what to listen to based on your information need. Faculty, if you would like to embed one or all of the installments in your Canvas page, please contact lisa Hooper.

Faculty, if you would like to schedule a customized introduction to Podcasting or Introduction to Audio Editing with Audacity for your class, please contact lisa Hooper.

Introduction to Podcasting

Duration: 50 minutes

This workshop clarifies what equipment is available through Tulane University Libraries to support podcasting as well as the essential elements of an engaging and informative podcast. Attendees will learn about equipment available to them through the Creative Technology Lending Collection at TUL’s Media Services as well as gain an understanding of the key characteristics of a stellar podcast.

Requirements: none

Introduction to Audio Editing with Audacity

Duration: 50 minutes

This workshop introduces the essential audio editing functionality of Audacity to attendees interested in distributing their creative and scholarly work through audio. Through demonstration and hands-on practice, attendees will learn how to cut audio, how to normalize volume, how to add music tracks, how to adjust timing, reduce or remove background noise, create fade outs, and more.

Requirements: No prior audio editing experience is required to attend. Participants should have their own laptop with Audacity already installed. Participants are welcome to use their own audio files, however, audio files will also be shared with workshop attendees to facilitate hands-on practice.

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