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Creative Technology Lending Collection

This guide details what equipment is available through the Creative Technology Lending Collection and provides additional resources to support the creative work of student and faculty.

Citizen Science

Are you keen to participate in the scientific process of learning about and protecting our natural and built environments? Some of the equipment available can support this work. Read on to learn more.

For this project, you might need:

  • GoPro Hero 7
  • Garmin eTrex X30 GPS with Compass
  • Podcasting/Recording Kit

Find your inspiration:

Our environment offers us so much to explore: mapping tree canopy in urban neighborhoods, creating a video documentary of community gardens; recording birdsong in urban, suburban, and rural parts of our state. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Here are some great resources to find your inspiration:

  • The U.S. government has developed a catalog of existing citizen science projects seeking active volunteers. You will also find a helpful toolkit to help you plan and conduct your citizen science project.
  • Citizen Science: Theory and Practice. Sponsored by the Citizen Science Association, this site offers information about citizen science, an open access, peer reviewed journal focused on publishing the work and experiences of citizen scientists, and so much more.

How to:

Citizen Science: Our Digital Earth: This text-based resource offers a rich explanation and discussion of ArcGIS in citizen science.

Field Recording Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. This 11'51" video provides practical 'getting started' advice for the video and audio recorder.


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