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Creative Technology Lending Collection

This guide details what equipment is available through the Creative Technology Lending Collection and provides additional resources to support the creative work of student and faculty.

Editing software

Most audio-visual projects will require some editing. If you've never edited an audio or video clip before, consider starting with some of the more entry level programs.Regardless of your editing experience, always review the user agreement license to know your rights as well as the company's data privacy policy.

Audio Editing Programs:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Audacity: Open source audio editing program.

GarageBand: Open source audio editing for Macs only.

Video Editing Programs:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Shotcut: Open source video editing program

Blender: Free video creation and editor program

Lightworks: Free video editing program

Spaces & Places

Students, faculty, and staff have a vast network of support for their creative work. Here are a few resources available to you in the library and across campus.

In the Library

You'll find a wealth of resources in Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. Here are just a few:

Across Campus

And even more resources across campus to further enrich your work:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.