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Asian Studies Library Guide

Research tools for Asian Studies, including perspectives from the arts, humanities, and social sciences

Intro: Why so many databases?

No two databases have the same contents, keyword indexes, and algorithms. Below you'll find a variety of general academic and specialized databases to find journal articles in across the many disciplines of Asian Studies. Test and compare more than one to do a thorough information search!

Best Bets

Some of the most useful general academic databases for finding articles across disciplines are:

Databases by Discipline

Click on the tab of the discipline you're interested in to access a list of specialized databases.

Click on the tab of the discipline you are researching to access specialized databases.

JSTOR is not the only archive of journal articles available online--far from it! Since JSTOR only has agreements to provide content published in certain journals, it's important to try other databases like those below and throughout this library guide.

Asian Journals

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