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Psychology Library Guide

Use this research guide to identify and access the best-of-the-best Psychology resources available for Tulane students, staff, and faculty.

About Tests & Measurements

Locating the full-text of tests & measurements can be a challenging task. This is because 'Published' tests are commercial property and must therefore be purchased from the publisher. 

'Unpublished' tests are much easier to find in handbooks, books, online, and appendices in theses & dissertations, and journal articles.

To Locate

To locate 

Published Tests: Conduct a search in one of our databases to find the publisher information so you may contact them directly. 

Unpublished Tests: Conduct a search in one of our databases and then check the Library Catalog to see if we have the Journal, Book or Handbook where the test or measurement was made available. If we do not have the item, submit an interlibrary loan request 

Databases, Websites & Advice

These databases MAY NOT include the actual full-text of the measurement but they provide the citation information so that you may locate the test and/or a review of the reliability & validity of the testing instrument. 

The advanced search features of these databases including search field options and filters which may be useful in locating the full-text of 'Unpublished' tests. 


It is very important that you verify the reliability and validity of every test indexed or included in these sites by looking at reviews.

Subject headings are controlled terms used to describe the main ideas (the subject or topic) of an item. All books on the same topic will be assigned the same subject heading

To find additional books related to tests and measurements. Do a search in Library Search using some of these recommended Subject Headings 

  • Ability-Testing
  • Achievement Tests
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Educational Tests and measurements
  • Examinations - validity
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Psychological Tests
  • Psychotherapy - methods
  • Psychometrics
  • Questionnaires
  • Rating scales
  • Scale Analysis (Psychology)
  • Test Bias 
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