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Teach with The Latin American Library

This Library Guide contains sample lesson plans and other resources that teachers and librarians can use and adapt when collaborating with The Latin American Library, or in their own library and research skills classes.

Learning with Exhibits

In 2019, The Latin American Library curated a major exhibit of Brazilian photography, João Farkas “Amazônia Ocupada”. The worksheets below were used to facilitate group visits to the exhibit from a Portuguese-language class on Brazilian immigration and a Spanish-language class on Gender and Sexuality. 

Research Workshops

The Latin American Library works frequently with faculty in Spanish and Portuguese to help students develop research topics and build bibliographies for research papers. Below is an example of an activity that we have adapted in both in-person and online environments to guide students in locating books and articles using library databases:

Special Collections Workshops

In each of the sessions below, students completed a worksheet in pairs and groups, circulating through different stations of special collections materials to answer descriptive and analytical questions.

Exam Review with Special Collections

"SPAN 4060: Pre-20th Century Readings in Spanish," is a core class for majors and minors in Spanish at Tulane. The Latin American Library holds first and rare editions of many of the classics of colonial Latin American Literature that students read in the course. 

For several sections of this class, we have designed a special collections workshop which doubles as a midterm review. Students rotate through tables and examine four or five colonial-era editions of texts they have read. The activity serves to give students a sense of the materiality of early modern books and manuscripts while prompting them jog their memories of authors, dates, and themes that will be on their midterm exam. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we moved this activity online.

Click on the links below to see the in-person and online lesson plans and worksheets.

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