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Systematic Reviews

A guide for researchers beginning a systematic review or meta-analysis.

What are systematic reviews?

Meta-Analysis Systematic Review Support (MARS) Program

Tulane Meta-Analysis Systematic Review Support (MARS) Program provides Tulane Scholars with assistance in conducting key components of systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The goal is to promote scholarship and visibility of Tulane Scholars through increasing high impact publications and citations.

Systematic Reviews vs. Other Types of Reviews

As you can see, a systematic review involves a rigorous approach to thoroughly locate, identify, extract, and analyze all of the available evidence to answer a specific question.  It may be that another type of literature review is a more appropriate publication type depending on your research question, the amount of evidence, and the time and other support that you have.  This tool and the article referenced here may provide more appropriate types of publishable literature reviews.  In any case, Tulane librarians will be glad to assist you in developing and refining your search strategies.


Answers to questions posed to the Systematic Review listserv of the Medlcal Library Association.

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