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Systematic Reviews

What is data extraction?

While data extraction might sound difficult and complicated, it is a fairly straight-forward process. The goal of data extraction is to find the data you need from individual studies, then isolate and remove that information to be further examined.

What types of data should you be looking for when doing data extraction? Include information about the data extraction process, eligibility criteria, study methods, study participants, the study intervention, the outcomes, the results, and any other relevant information included in the study. For more detail, check out Table.5.3.a from the Cochrane Handbook.

A great way to learn more about data extraction for your review is to read Chapter 5 of the Cochrane Handbook.


Data Extraction Templates

If you need some samples of data extraction forms, take a look at the following resources:

Covidence also has two types of data extraction forms available. Sign up for an account using your Tulane credentials for more information.

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