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Spanish & Portuguese Library Guide

A guide to select databases, library resources, links, and tips for researchers to find, access, and manage quality information sources in Spanish & Portuguese Literary, Cultural & Linguistic Studies.


Below you'll find a selection of the some of the most useful and reliable online dictionaries for the languages of Latin America & the Iberian Peninsula. 

Visit the Latin American Library's Reference Collection (4th Floor, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library) for an extensive selection of dictionaries of the languages of Latin America & the Iberian Peninsula in print. See call numbers P29-PM7874. We have monolingual and multilingual dictionaries, dictionaries of national and regional varieties, and more. 

NOTE: Google Translate works well, but it does not provide context for words' different meanings. The dictionaries provided below do.


Corpus databases allow you to search for a word in a databases containing diverse texts from various time periods. The search results will show instances of usage of that word in any text in which it appears.

A great tool for defining your terminology in its historical context, and therefore a particularly useful tool for anyone working with medieval or colonial texts.


Catalan, Galego, and Euskera

Indigenous Languages of Latin America

The Latin American Library holds a unique collection of dictionaries of the many indigenous languages of Latin America in print. Your best bet for quality academic dictionaries is to search the library catalog.

Library search tip: 

  1. In the first search line of an Advanced Search, select "subject" from the drop-down bar, then  enter "dictionaries" (plural)
  2. In the second line, select "subject" again from the drop-down bar and then enter the language that interests you:

If you're looking for a translation in a pinch, use the tabs in this section. They include online multilingual dictionaries for some of the more widely spoken indigenous languages of Latin America. This section will be continually updated to include more resources. 

There are a limited number of authoritative online dictionaries for the indigenous languages of Latin America. Feel free to email Rachel Stein with suggestions for additions.

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