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Research with the Latin American Library during COVID-19

Resources and tips for conducting remote research during the COVID-19 crisis.


Below is a checklist of different methods that you can try to locate an e-version of a print book in our stacks. Many publishers are making ebooks temporarily available during the COVID-19 crisis. The LAL librarians can also look into purchasing an ebook to add to our collections accessible to Tulane affiliates.

1. Check the TU Library Catalog

2. Search the Book Title in Quotes in Google

If we don't already own the ebook version of the print title you're looking for, a good next step is to search the title of the book in quotation marks in Google. You may want to try following the title with PDF; sometimes this gives better results. E.g:

  • "Culture of class: radio and cinema in the making of a divided Argentina, 1920-1946"
  • "Culture of class: radio and cinema in the making of a divided Argentina, 1920-1946" PDF

This kind of search is likely to show you whether a PDF or ebook version is available online. 

Keep in mind:

  • many results will be e-versions and PDFs of book reviews 
  • some results will be e-versions and PDFs that just include the table of contents or one chapter 
  • some results may be on authors' Research Gate and pages and technically be in violation of copyright 
  • some results may prompt you to login--if so see there is an institutional sign-in for Tulane or email us for help

3. Check Databases: Best Bets

Below are some of your best bets to search for ebooks if steps 1 and 2 fail. 

4. Check Publisher Websites

Many academic presses are making their publications temporarily available online. Check the website of the publisher of the book you're looking for and/or consult these lists of publishers responding to the COVID-19 crisis:

5. Ask a Librarian!

You can email the LAL librarians at any point in your search process to ask for assistance finding an ebook. In some cases, we may also be able to purchase an ebook for you.

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