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Political Science Library Guide

Research Tools for Political Science

Intro: Why so many databases?

No two databases have the same contents, keyword indexes, and algorithms. Below you'll find a variety of general academic and specialized databases to find journal articles in the field of Political Science. Test and compare more than one to do a thorough information search!

Best Bets

Some of the most useful general academic databases for finding journal articles in Political Science are:

Law & Policy

History & Economics

Environmental & Urban Studies

International Studies

Getting Full Text

Some databases don't include the full-text of articles. When there's no full-text, click on the TU Link button: TU Link. This will search through the library's full-text holdings in other databases and give you a link to the full-text of the article. If there is no online access, there's a link to the library catalog to see if we have the full-text in print.

If you can't get full-text access through the library catalog, register to use Tulane Libraries' Interlibrary Loan service: ILLiad.

Once you're registered, submit an article request:


You'll receive a PDF of the article by email within 3 business days!

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