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Tip 1: Looking for a specific newspaper or magazine? Use Library Search and enter the newspaper or magazine title, select "Newspaper" from the drop-down menu, and search. Print and electronic options will be presented when available.

Tip 2: Want to see all news sources from a particular city, state, or country available at Tulane University Libraries? Use Library Search to enter the desired location (e.g. "New York," "Louisiana," or "Brazil") and the keyword Newspapers to your search.

Top Picks

Here are some of our most heavily used databases of historical news coverage. For a more comprehensive list of our historical newspaper collections, select Historical Newspapers -- United States or World -- in the left menu.

Here are some of our most heavily used databases of current national news coverage. For more of the latest news, select Current News from the left menu.

Our most frequently searched newspaper titles include:

For additional sources of Louisiana news, both current and historical, select Louisiana News from the left menu.

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